Track Your Fleet, Track Your Profit

PickWireless is here to put you in control of your fleet with their cutting edge tracking technology. With PickWireless, you can easily monitor the location of your vehicles and assets from a single platform. This allows for quick troubleshooting and real-time data collection, helping your business make the most out of its resources.


Increase Efficiency

Improve employee driving habits and maximize vehicle utilization with Pickwireless' cutting-edge technology. There will be no more needless delays caused by manual tasks, such as allocating routes and assigning drivers.

Maximize Your Profits

Improve your fleet's performance, response time, and customer service, all while making a positive impact on bottom-line profits with the help of in-depth reporting insights.

Spend less

Save at least $90 per vehicle on fuel, repairs, and maintenance expenses by using Pickwireless to cut down on unnecessary trips.

Expand Your Company

Give your team the ability to automate and streamline their work. This gives you more time to focus on growing your business!

FREE Installation

No upfront set-up costs at all, leaving your cash flow intact.

Track Fleet. Easily.

With PickWireless’ tracking system, you can also optimize routes and quickly respond to customer requests. The intuitive system provides easy access to vehicle information like speed, mileage history and driver behavior on the platform’s dashboard. This helps keep your operation running smoothly while ensuring that all vehicles are being used efficiently. Plus, PickWireless’ GPS tracking capabilities will provide valuable insights into where your fleet is operating so you can make smart decisions about how or where to expand operations in order to increase profits.

Effective Features

Dashboard and Reporting Analytics

Use the data gathered from tracking your company's fleet of vehicles to gain useful insights, such as trip details, driver habits, fuel usage, and a risk management report.

Driver Alerts in Real Time

Helps improve driver behavior, cuts down on fuel and maintenance costs by immediately notifying the driver of any potentially dangerous situations (such as hard braking, cornering, engine ignition, speeding, idling, fuel loss, or crash detection).


With improved fleet visibility, you can easily identify the vehicles closest to your customer's premises/pick-up/drop-off points and deploy the right vehicle and driver to do a job, saving you time and money!

Planning routes

Optimize your fleet's utilization with the help of predefined routes and off-route alerts to plan the most time- and fuel-saving routes for all of your vehicles.

Live GPS Tracker

Real-time access from your desktop at the office or your mobile device while out and about allows you to monitor the whereabouts and activities of your company's fleet at all times.

Go Farther with Pickwireless.

Vehicle and fleet tracking in real time is now possible with Pickwireless’s Fleet Tracking Service. Take advantage of our offer right away.