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Pickwireless is a revolutionary fleet tracking service that aims to assist businesses in minimizing their operational expenses and improving the efficiency of their fleets. Using this all-encompassing tool, businesses are able to track, keep an eye on, and manage their fleet of vehicles in real time using any device that has access to the internet. PickWireless is able to analyze driving patterns and thereby reduce fuel costs, increase safety measures, and improve customer satisfaction through the use of intelligent analytics.

PickWireless provides one-of-a-kind features that can be tailored to meet the requirements of any organization. The application features automated alerts for speeding and idling, as well as capabilities that allow for route optimization, both of which have the potential to save time and resources. The provision of comprehensive reporting on vehicle usage, which may include use outside of normal business hours as well as unscheduled stops made during operational hours, is another advantage for businesses. PickWireless ensures that vehicles do not leave the boundaries that have been designated for them at any time by utilizing its capability to establish geofences around sensitive areas such as job sites and warehouses.


Unparalleled Dependability

With Pickwireless Automotive GPS solutions, rely on a dependable product and unparalleled after sales support. All repairs and maintenance are accredited, so you never have to worry about the quality of work done. Plus, thanks to our excellent customer service team, all inquiries will be handled swiftly and effectively for your peace of mind – no matter where or when you need assistance.


exceptional features


Our user-friendly Cartrack mobile app tracks your car in real time.


Monitors your vehicle and sends alerts to your mobile phone whenever it is moved, the engine is started, an unusual vibration is detected, or any other activity associated with your vehicle that you have not authorized occurs.


Vehicle collisions are automatically detected and reported to the Cartrack 24/7 control center, where they are promptly forwarded to the location in need of assistance. When there has been an accident, getting word out quickly is crucial.

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